Tuesday & Thursday Competitive rides


Join us for a friendly race, or if you prefer to just watch at first, that’s okay too.

Race ScheDule Calendar

Events in April and September start at 6:00pm.

Events in May through August start at 6:30pm.

Please show up at least 30 minutes before the race, in order to prepare your equipment, warm up and sign in. Event signup ends 15 minutes prior to race time!

Our Guest Ride Policy:

  • To race at a TVC event, please join the club. You can do this in just a few minutes!


Road Races ~ Course Info, Maps & Parking

Time Trials ~ Course Info, Maps & Parking

Hill Climbs ~ Course Info, Maps & Parking

Local Hill Grades

A Little Bit of History

Rumor has it that the Tioga Velo Club originally started out as the Tioga Time Trial Club.

As the club grew, so did the diversity of riding styles and skill sets within the ranks. Our riders wanted to do more than just time trials, so some road courses and circuit style races were added to the schedule. Some of these have remained with us over the years and become club staples. Others have come and gone.

The club consistently offers a diverse range of challenging courses — to suit the climbers, the sprinters, the time trialists and the well-rounded cyclists.

In order to adapt to the various training needs of our membership, we have adopted a policy of swapping our evening races. The Road Racers and Triathletes who race on weekends both want training schedules that are tailored to their particular needs.

It was decided a few years ago that Road Races and Time Trials on Tuesdays & Thursdays would flip flop every year, in an effort to keep everyone as happy as possible. One group of riders may like a particular season’s schedule better than the next, but the other group will have their preferred schedule the following season.